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The issues facing America’s elders, vulnerable adults and their families are complex. Each of us needs an expert who specializes in these issues and understands the legal challenges and the complexities that can and will arise in each individual situation. The maltreatment of elders and people with disabilities is not only complex but it is an evolving area of the law. Both these factors mean that we may not know how to handle the challenges we are facing and need a confidential resource we can turn to.

Who do we help?

  • Professionals serving their community such as an attorney, a financial professional or a health care provider
  • Groups looking for an expert speaker on these national topics for seniors, advocates or professionals
  • Or if you are an elder, vulnerable adult or loved one and have questions

Don’t wait to contact The Sketchley Method to get the answers you need right now.

Expert Speaker

When you bring in The Sketchley Method to speak to your organization you are bringing the big guns to the table.  Armed with up-to-the-minute breaking news, your own state laws, national trends and years of practical experience, Attorney Twyla Sketchley delivers the speech that your audience not only wants but needs to hear.

Twyla does not stop there.  In addition to the unique needs of your event, she brings state specific information for your attendees and the ability to connect with others in this community together with tools and resources designed specifically with your audience in mind. Don’t wait to schedule her groundbreaking presentation for your organization. Inquire as to her current speaking availability in your area.

For Professionals and Attorneys

The state and national laws, rules and regulations in these areas are rapidly changing. The Sketchley Method is dedicated to providing you with the up-to-the-minute information you need to be educated on what is going on in your state.

There are times, however, when information itself is not enough and you need to know just how the laws in your state and across the nation could impact you.  You need an expert who can listen and understand the tough issues you and your client are facing.  For these instances, we have created a confidential consultation with an elder law attorney who focuses on the issues you are facing. When you meet with Attorney Twyla Sketchley in this one-on-one confidential meeting, she gives you candid advice on where you stand and the steps you can take for your business, your clients and possibly the case you are involved in right now.

For attorneys specifically, she frequently serves as an expert consultant, witness and co-counsel across the nation on cases involving the fraud, abuse, theft and/or exploitation of the elderly and vulnerable adults.  Twyla is well-versed in laws across the nation and is able to quickly and efficiently provide you with a realistic assessment of your case.

For Consumers

Sometimes we don’t know what’s going on until we talk to someone about it. Unfortunately, in elder fraud, abuse, theft and exploitation cases the victims do not get help until it is far too late. Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to turn? Maybe you don’t know who you can trust? Or maybe, just maybe, the one harming you is the person you are supposed to be able to trust the most.

We are here to offer you a confidential meeting. In this meeting with Attorney Twyla Sketchley, the national expert on these cases, you learn not only what your options are but you also get to learn what the law requires you to do. If you believe that you or someone you love is at risk of being a victim, don’t wait to schedule this confidential meeting.

About The Sketchley Method (TSM)

The Sketchley Method was created to give a voice to the very real issues of fraud, abuse, theft and exploitation that vulnerable elders and disabled individuals face on a daily basis.